We’ve Earned Our Wings

Testimonials – Wings of Change

“We put off reality for as long as possible, before facing the inevitable: my husband and I could no longer afford to live in our large West End apartment, and had to move to a smaller space in another part of the city.

Downsizing loomed, along with a sense of loss, resentment and a pack-rat passion to hang onto everything. Two weeks before moving day we were still surrounded by insurmountable piles of too much stuff, and a monumental cleaning job. We phoned Mary Anne in a panic and she immediately came to the rescue.

With a practiced eye, she helped me separate the treasures from the trash, what should be cherished and what should be tossed or given to charity. Then she rallied her small army who came in and scoured every inch of the apartment. When it was done, the whole place glowed.

Nobody but Mary Anne could have done it with such firmness, kindness and understanding and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.”

- Eve Rockett, Author Vancouver, BC

“Dear Mary Anne, “What can we say? When our very dear, mutual friend died, you were there when we couldn’t be. You handled it all! The sorting, the appraisals, the estate sale, the packing, the shipping, keeping in touch with the family – and all with such grace and care.

We are so grateful for all you did. We knew we could count on you taking care of everything.  And you did. Thank you, Mary Anne. You truly were an angel.’

- Nancy and Ron Short, Tsawwassen, BC

“At a time when I felt most overwhelmed after my 90-year-old mother was diagnosed with dementia and had to move from her home of many years into a care facility, on short notice, Mary Anne provided me with much care and cheerful support as I embarked on the emotional and looming task of deciding which of my mother’s possessions to keep, to donate, and to discard.

Mary Anne provided excellent advice and assistance during every aspect of downsizing my mother’s home and she worked tirelessly with me in sorting, cleaning out, boxing and moving items and repainting the home interior.

Words cannot suitably express how much Mary Anne’s timely, efficient and professional assistance in co-ordinating the job at hand helped me as she provided such positive support at a very stressful time.

Mary Anne working by my side felt like a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. She was my guardian angel and she gave me wings.

I highly recommend Wings of Change to anyone who requires the professional and caring services of a downsizing moving expert.”

- Sandy Drummond, Vancouver, BC

“I don’t know what I would have done without you when my dad passed away. Me, all the way down here in Florida and my dad’s home all the way up there in Richmond, BC. You were my saving grace Mary Anne.

All that sorting, packing and cleaning – there was just so much to do. And you did it! And then finding me the perfect real estate agent who got top dollar for dad’s place, which was the crowning touch. Thank you so much. You really took the stress out and put the love in.

I also want to thank you for all the creativity and energy you put into staging my home here in Florida. It needed some TLC in order to rent it out for the price I wanted. The treasures you found, the clutter you put away and the setup of everything made me love the place all over again. My snowbirds loved it too!”

- Nancy Harris,ReALTOR, Naples, FL

“How do you thank someone who has literally rescued you from the clutter? With my illness, I have been unable to do anything in my home for quite some time and consequently have been knee deep in “stuff” for the past couple of years. It was such a daunting task, but then you arrived! I don’t know how you did it all. There was so much to do – get rid of this, organize that, clear the closets, remove the clutter, clean and then paint the living room to boot.

It’s a whole new home and I love living here again. Thank you so much. You brought peace back to my life, not to mention great laughter too!”

- Doreen Smyth, Calgary, AB

“Thank you for coming to our rescue with your fabulous design ideas – you handled things promptly and professionally and without a doubt, beyond our expectations. We were just amazed at your eye for detail and colour and how you could visualize the completed project.

You were not only dependable and well organized, but very personable, giving consideration to our wishes and lifestyle. Your obvious passion and creative talents combined with your warm and bubbly personality is a great combo.

Thank you so much for an enjoyable, first class experience. Please be assured we will continue to recommend you.”

- Vic and Pat Varcoe, Ladner, BC