Wings of Change Story

Over a period of three short years I lost many dear friends. It was absolutely heartbreaking. Equally heartbreaking was watching the families of my dear friends go through their pain. While dealing with my own grief, and doing my best to help them deal with theirs, I kept thinking there must be more that I could do to help them. And there was.

I could help them through the process of making life changes, sorting through all of the family treasures, help them determine what to keep, what to sell, what to give to charity, help them pack up the house, help them sell the house, even stage it if necessary. It felt so good to have found a way to lighten their load.

My friends were my inspiration. My heart was my guide. Wings of Change allows me to combine my interior design skills with my move- management experience and help people making life changes. I could seek out a team of people who had the experience and compassion that I had.

Wings of Change” was born and the team flew into action — starting life over.